Chocolate and tea, a great combinationChocolate goes well with many things – like red wine, and yes, even coffee. But tea is sometimes a forgotten complement when it comes to chocolate. Tea with chocolate is something truly exceptional and not often talked about. Taking a moment to sit down with a cup of tea only gets better with a small piece of good chocolate nearby. When it comes to simple things that we can do everyday that are full of pleasure – chocolate and tea is one of the greatest imaginable. A bite of chocolate and a sip of hot tea is all it takes to create a warm, rich and flavorful sensation in your mouth. It’s a flavor combination that cannot be matched by any other food pairing. And yet, it is so often overlooked despite it’s accessibility.

Tea and ChocolateCombining tea and something sweet is a fairly common thing to do. Cakes, cookies, or baked goods in general easily fit the bill. But chocolate is category by itself. Rich, creamy milk chocolate fortifies that cup of tea into being more than it is alone. It could even be argued that drinking tea while eating chocolate gives you all the nourishment you need to start your day. Add a little milk to your tea and the combination gives you the makings of a morning meal.

Eating chocolate everyday will make me fat.

No. Eating chocolate won’t make you fat, eating too much food will make you fat. This is one of those, everything in moderation things. A few bites of chocolate as you down a cup of tea certainly won’t hurt you. In fact, it probably does more for your well-being and state of mind than reading the morning newspaper. It’s all part of having a generally active and healthy lifestyle.

Is tea and chocolate really that good?

Yes. Especially when you go through the effort to have some really good chocolate. The photos feature exclusively Leonidas chocolates, some of which we purchased and some which were graciously sent to us. Chocolates of this quality can make a normally humdrum tea into something really special. They can even make an ordinary tea taste better. It’s easy to get your hands on some chocolate at the grocery store, but high-quality chocolates like these are well worth the money you might pay to get.

Even if you can’t get really good chocolate, there are plenty of simple ways to get your chocolate fix. A few M&M candies, or simply break a small piece off a favorite chocolate bar will often do.  Chocolate chip cookies might help, but we aren’t talking about baked goods here. We are talking about pairing your teacup with pure, rich, unadulterated chocolates.

Tea and chocolate for Jackie, the first thing every morning

Tea and a little chocolate for Jackie, the first thing every morning

Jackie’s Confession:I love tea and chocolate, it’s one of the best pairings I can imagine. I drink tea, and eat chocolate every single day. Just a bit; a nibble or two, a few pieces here or there. No gluttonous, or indiscriminate gobbling, because I savor every bite. The Belgian company, Leonidas is my favorite chocolatier. 

I’ve been smitten since I was a kid, when my father brought some home from a business trip to the Belgian capital.  He frequently traveled to Brussels, and always returned with Leonidas chocolates. He said, they were the best, and for me that’s what they were then, and that’s what they are now.

chocoalte and tea bannerWhat do you take with your tea? Have you tried tea and chocolate together and do you think it is as great as we think? We’d love to hear your opinion, tell us about your favorite chocolates in the comments below!